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【PUISSANTE】Toupie Blue
A new shape of toy from "PUISSNTE" in France! Why do vibrators always have to be the same shape? With 10 levels of vibration and an easy-to-hold design, you can enjoy this toy in any way you like.


【PUISSANTE】Toupie Blue

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●Material:Medical silicon, ABS plastic
●Size: W60×H50×D60mm
●Noise:low ☆☆☆☆ high
●Battery Type: USB rechargeable
●Charging Time:1 hour for full charge
●Operating time:3 hour
●Vibrate Intensities:10 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof (IPX7)
●Warranty Period:2 years
●Manufacturer: PUISSANTE (France)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥10,890 (tax included)
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"Masturbation is an important practice for getting to know yourself, for taking care of yourself, for loving yourself.
Take time to feel better and more confident in your body. Our goal at PUISSANTE is to eliminate the taboo of masturbation and to show people that masturbation is healthy, important and very enjoyable."

PUISSANTE is a femtec brand started in France in 2021.
PUISSANTE means "powerful" in French. The brand name is based on founder MarieComacle's message, "We are all perfect, now let's be Puissantes."
The brand advocates the confident enjoyment of female sexual pleasure, which until now has been considered taboo.

New products have arrived from PUISSNTE, which is also very popular in LOVE PIECE CLUB!

It is a new and unprecedented rotor shaped like a spinning top.
Why do vibrators always have to be the same shape? and the desire to break away from the existing image of sex toys and create a toy that can be placed anywhere without embarrassment, this shape was born.
This way, people will never notice that it is a toy even if  it's in your room!

It is not only a novel design, but it has also been designed with functionality in mind.
The lower tip of the Toupie is a vibrating part, but the protrusions are very small and pinpoint, allowing you to explore your orgasmic spot in detail.
This Toupie is designed to be used not only on the clitoris and other sensitive areas, but also on the chest, shoulders, stomach, and legs to take care of your own body sensations.

Taking your time to explore your body in this way will give you the opportunity to experience new sensations that you did not know you had.
The way you feel can change depending on your mood and physical condition that day, so don't end up feeling nothing the first time, but try it again and again.
For even more pleasure, try adding a cool stimulation with ice, or fluffing it up with a feather to experience a soft pleasant sensation. We recommend you to add various kinds of stimulation together with Toupie! It may open new doors...!

While it is nice to enjoy intense vibrations with strong vibrations, the beauty of a toy with a wide range of intensity levels is that it can be slowly and gently urged with gentle vibrations.
Even if you increase the intensity of the vibration, it does not suddenly become intense, and you can slowly increase the intensity in stages, so you can enjoy the pleasure of slowly building up for a longer period of time.

At the top, there is a large protrusion, which can be smoothly held between two fingers.
The silicone is smooth to the touch. The body is very light, making it easy to hold and operate.

Toupie also does not choose the gender of the person using it.
Men can also enjoy using it on their nipples and penis.

Toupie can be used freely all over the body.
It can be used by couples or by a single person. It is a new age toy that can be used regardless of gender and can be enjoyed in a variety of creative ways!

PUISSANTE values the pleasure and sexual health of all women, a commitment that extends to its efforts in sex education and support for the eradication of sexual violence against women.
For every product sold, PUISSANTE donates 1 euro to Orchidées Rouge (an organization that opposes female genital mutilation), whose slogan is "We want to give every woman the freedom to control her own body and choose the life she wants. The Female Genital Mutilation
Female genital mutilation affects more than 200 million women worldwide, 500,000 in Europe, and 125,000 in France.
Orchidées Rouge is an organization that campaigns for the eradication of female genital mutilation, early and forced marriage, and all forms of violence against women and girls, as well as for the economic emancipation of women, and PUISSANTE fully supports its work.
The Love Piece Club also supports the initiative to expand women's solidarity through Tortuey, whereby protecting one's own pleasure and body is connected to protecting the bodies and sexual health of other women.

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FAQ about products

Q Does the large protrusion at the top vibrate? A There is no motor in the upper part. It is the small protruding part at the bottom that vibrates, but if you make the vibration stronger, the vibration at the bottom is slightly transmitted. It is not so strong that the hand holding it becomes numb.
Q How do you take care of it? A After washing with soap, rinse with clean water.
To prevent damage to the silicone, do not use alcohol, acetone, or oil-based cleaners. For better cleanliness, we recommend the use of a special cleaner for toys.

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