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Nenette Kitten Mask
Fräulein Kink is a luxury lifestyle brand specializing in high end bondage fashion accessories.


Nenette Kitten Mask

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●Materials: Patent leather, Swarovski, Satin ribbon
Size: 19.5cm width of the mask part, free size
●Made in Germany
●Brand:Fraulein Kink

販売価格:¥15,840 (tax included)
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Item Number: 04100026

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From the atelier in Berlin, Germany to the Maison in Japan. Fräulein Kink's fetish goods are handmade by women in Berlin, and are popular among German fetish shops for their design, functionality and durability. The combination of delicate processing and sturdy sewing can only be done by hand. Not only is it a fashionable item, but it's also solidly built to stand up to actual play. The Lolita series is a romantic and sweet collection of rose gold leather-based items. It expresses the loveliness like a sugar candy and the pure sweetness like a girl using materials such as leather, metal and satin. The Lolita Feather Teaser is a supremely luxurious piece of ostrich (ostrich) tail feathers. The ostrich feathers of Marie Antoinette's time are fluffy, soft, and luxuriously fluttering. The romantic translucency is slightly sexy. It is recommended to tickle it slowly and impatiently with the tip of a delicate feather. The handle is made of soft lamb leather and rose gold for a comfortable fit. The chain tassels sparkle with each sway. Be sure to wear it with luxury lingerie from MAISON CLOSE and Obsessive. It is delivered in the brand's signature mesh bag.

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