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BEST 5Vibrators5月19日 ~ 5月26日



    25,652 yen

    Toy with heat function that quickly warms the head part to 40℃ in 40 seconds.Equipped with W motors that can be inserted from both sides. Enjoyable regardless of gender.



    24,200 yen

    It warms up to 40℃ in about 40 seconds. Realistic "human touch" reproduction is now possible. This reversible vibrator can be enjoyed by all genders.

  • LELO LOKI WAVE(ロキウェーブ)ブラック

    LELO LOKI WAVE black

    29,040 yen

    The anal toy of the WAVE series! It stimulates the prostate gland to push in, and doesn't miss an orgasm. You'll experience an unknown pleasure in the ass!

  • FunFactory Anal デューク

    FunFactory Anal Duke

    10,230 yen

    The "P-spot vibe" of a long seller in "FUN FACTORY"! Five kinds of patterns can be enjoyed every time a button is pushed!It is a simple specification that stops with a long press.

  • Je Joue NUO ブラック

    Je Joue NUO Black

    23,100 yen

    Anal Toys from British brand JeJoue. It is equipped with the world's first dual motors. In addition, this multifunctional vibrator also works with iPhone.

  • LELO HUGO(ヒューゴ)


    29,040 yen

    The HUGO prostate massager with remote control for men from the popular brand LELO is now available. It invites you to an unknown pleasure that you have never experienced before.

  • Je Joue G-Kii ジーキ パープル


    22,000 yen

    Find and stimulate your G-spot every time with adjustable G-Kii! Choose the perfect angle to suit your unique body shape, and discover G-spot orgasm pleasure in total comfort.






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