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Medical Cover Bullet Medium Orange
Egg covered with soft rubber


Medical Cover Bullet Medium Orange

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Total Length:70mm Cord Length:600mm Medium Roter Total Length:48mm Medium Roter Diameter:20mm Spot:24mm Spot Length:23mmSmall Roter Total LengthL23mm Small Roter Diameter:12mm Material:K Lengi Noise:Whisper Level Function:Slide Type/Water-resistant/Anti-Vacteria Processed Battery:AA*2 Made in Japan

販売価格:¥1,540 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090174

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Medical rubber covered on the roter. The motor itself is very strong and soft medical rubber rotor is perfect for musterbation! Very colorful, powerful but stimulate vagina and clitoris sensationally! Very basic roter with great material. This Triple rotor will satisfay your desire at last!! Incredible vibe power will arouse your sensation quickly! A must item for musterbation!

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