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Nenette Bondage Lasso 5M 
This bondage rope is made of 100% rayon and is comfortable to the touch, but also functional. A beautiful rope that doesn't harm or hurt your skin, but binds you securely.


Nenette Bondage Lasso 5M 

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●Material: Rayon Rose Gold Crystal
●Country of manufacture:Germany
●Length: 5M
●Brand:Fraulein Kink

販売価格:¥8,800 (tax included)
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Item Number: 04100035

Points obtained: 400 LPC Points

Fraulei Kink is a very cool fetish brand that I found on a trip to Berlin. It's a brand made by some of Berlin's hottest women who fuse sex and fashion. Each item is handmade in our atelier in Berlin. Each item is also designed to be versatile, so it can be used for luxury and sexiness, as well as edgy accents and accessories! We use only the finest materials and take pride in each and every item we make. It is also durable and strong enough to withstand actual use, not just decoration. Lasso is a gorgeous rayon, tightly woven rope that measures 5 meters and has a beautiful rose gold crystal glowing at the end. It's truly beautiful for photography, but not only is it beautiful, but the rayon, which is strong and comfortable to the touch, clings to the skin like a hemp rope, tightening and tying it up. A great rope that doesn't compromise on function or appearance at all. It comes in a beautiful Fraulein Kink special mesh bag.

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