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【RianneS】 Xena Rabbit DeepPurple
The rabbit Xena vibrator from the brand “RianneS”, the sex toy brand founded by a female designer from Holland.


【RianneS】 Xena Rabbit DeepPurple

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●Insertable Length:115mm
●Rechargeable:USB cable (12 hours charge for the first time to keep 2 hours use)
●Vibration Strength:7
●Warming function
●Made in China

販売価格:¥14,850 (tax included)
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A beautiful vibrator from the brand “RianneS”. RianneS was founded by Rianne Swierstra, a designer from the Netherlands. Not only its alluring design and function, toys from Rianne S are easy-to-us, beautifully packed and safe to the body.

Rianne says “ I was grown up by feminist mother and wanted to do something for women”. In 2010, Rianne started the sex toy brand. It is her mission to celebrate women and encourage them to explore their desires and sexuality to create a fulfilling sex life for themselves.

RianneS Xena comes in a gorgeous gold marble box. When you open the box, the beautiful curvy toy is lying on a velvet stand.

The first rabbit vibrator from RianneS is coated with a soft & silky medical-grade silicone and feels wonderful against your skin. Love Piece Club only deal with safe products for women and the Xena is also absolutely not harmful to the body.

Xena’s insertable length is 110mm, and insertable diameter is 33mm at widest point. The vibe has a rounded tip for comfortable use and a shaft that is curved for maximum penetration. The base is 25mm in diameter. Because of the tip has a fulfilling size, we recommend this toy for those who want to feel of being “filled”. You also can stimulate your G-spot with this rounded tip...that is nice too!  Because of the rounded tip, you may feel not easy to insert it if you are a toy beginner. This vibrator is a perfect one for your second vibe and for those who love thick vibrators.

The toy has a nice soft and springy texture. Especially the clitoral simulator is super soft. How soft it is? Well, you can bend the clitoral part almost180 degrees. Sometimes hard rabbit vibrators can’t fit your clitoral spot because clitoral size, distance from vagina differ from person to person. But don’t worry, this super soft clitoral part easily fit your clitoris.

Equipped with 2 powerful motors, this rabbit vibrator will fill you with pleasure in no time. You will be able to benefit from a simultaneous double stimulation of the clitoris and G-Spot with no less than 10 modes of vibration that you can easily adjust from the base of the sextoy. (as the insertable part and the clitoral simulator are interlocked, can not have different vibration patterns at same time)
You also can adjust your favorite power level by + /- button.

And that’s not all! This vibrator also has a heating function. When you press the heating button which is below the power button, the vibrator will warmed up to body temperature about 38℃~40℃. Though silicone vibrator is not cold touch, using this heating function before using vibration will allow you to intensify your pleasure during its use by providing you unexpected sensations.

Normally high functional vibrators tend to become pretty heavy because they have big motors, but Xena is not like that. Though it is not like a “super light vibrator”, the vibe is designed for easy to hold for female hands and don’t feel its weight while you enjoy it.

Of course it is completely waterproof and can be used safely in the shower or bath. Xena is made of the medical-grade of silicone and absolutely not harmful to the body.

This RianneS Xena rabbit vibrator comes with a delightful metal bracelet with a thoughtful inscription “she believed she could , so she did”, a wonderful message that empower every women from Rianne.

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