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This care cup is designed specifically for menstrual cups. It's suitable for cleaning menstrual cups, yet easy to handle and convenient, yet not intrusive. You can use this cup for cleaning after use!


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●Material: Silicon
●Size:85mm x 45mm

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A menstrual cup is an excellent sanitary product that relieves the hassle of menstruation.
But until now, there have been no special goods to take care of them, right?
If you ask people who use menstrual cups, they either buy a small pot specifically for menstrual cups and boil and disinfect it, or they buy a larger cup and clean it with disinfectant.
We were looking for a product that was suitable for cleaning the menstrual cup, easy to handle and convenient, but not obtrusive, and that met all our needs.

And finally, we have found it!
The Moon Clean Cup is a cleaning cup specifically designed for menstrual cups.

It is a collapsible silicone cup that can be easily steam-boiled and disinfected by putting a menstrual cup inside, filling it with water, and "chin" it in the microwave.
It's so easy to disinfect with Ren's "chin", isn't it? Isn't it!

However, if you feel that you don't want to put your food in the microwave, you can easily clean it with water and disinfectant (disinfectant for baby bottles, etc.). (Read the instructions for your cleaning solution carefully to find out how to use it).

In addition, there are still other ways to use it.
Have you ever wanted to throw out the inside of your menstrual cup when you're out and about and had trouble rinsing the cup you took out?
Just take this Moon Clean Cup and mineral water into the toilet.
Remove the menstrual cup and flush the menstrual blood down the toilet.
Fill a Moon Clean cup with mineral water and rinse the menstrual cup in the cup.
Once the rinse is complete, put on the menstrual cup again.
Now you can change your menstrual cup at any time!
It folds up, so you can put it in your bag and not get in the way.

We currently carry four different menstrual cups.
This Moon Clean Cup is sized to fit all four types.
If you've been looking for a cleaning product for your menstrual cup for some time now, I recommend it, and if you're going to buy a menstrual cup in the future, make sure you buy it with us!

It's important to take good care of your menstrual cup before and after use.
With the Moon Clean Cup, it's easy to keep it clean.

[How to use it]
(1) Spread out the folded clean cup into a cup shape.
(2) Fill with water, put a menstrual cup in it and cover it.
(3) Put it in the microwave. (600W for 5 minutes)
4) Make sure the heat has cooled and remove the clean cup from the range.
(5) Remove the menstrual cup and wipe off the hot water with a clean cloth.
For detailed instructions, please refer to the instruction manual that comes with the product.

*The product package is subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
*This is a stain that can be made in the manufacturing process, so it does not affect the human body at all, so please rest assured.

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