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【クリアランスセール】【Womanizer】 Duo Black
The clitoris suction toy and the insertion vibrator have been combined to create an orgasm of a different dimension!


【クリアランスセール】【Womanizer】 Duo Black

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●Material: silicone, ABS resin
●Size: Length: 195mm
●Maximum insertion diameter: 34mm
Insertable part: 120mm
●Weight: 264g
●Sound: ☆☆☆☆
●Charging method: USB charging
●Can be used for up to 2 hours on a 2-hour charge
●Vibe Pattern: 10
●Vibe Strength: 12
●Suction strength: 12
●Waterproof: Waterproof
●Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 year
●Manufacturer: womanizer(Germany)
●Country of production: China

販売価格:¥29,349 (tax included)
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Today, women are making remarkable progress in developing technology in the Toys for Tots industry.
Womanizer was born in Germany and paved the way for the first coined word "FemTech", which is a combination of female and technology.

Unlike conventional vibrators, which are aimed directly at the vibrator, TOY, which vibrates and suction air without touching it, brings us a stimulation that we have never encountered before.
Since its birth in 2014, it has become widely known as the best-selling toy in the world to date.

The newly released Womanizer DUO is a new product from Womanizer.
It is a dreamy toy that "insertion vibe" was combined with "Womanizer" of the highest peak equipped with high performance technology!

The first time I met with Womanizer, I couldn't stand it even if I tried to stand it, but I couldn't... I was pulled into the world of orgasm.
The vivid pleasure of the suction toy is nothing more than that, but at the same time, if the inside is also sufficiently filled. The natural psychology of mankind is to dream of an unknown world of orgasm that is even greater than the one you've never encountered before. It is the natural psychology of mankind to fantasize about the world of orgasm.

The intellectual quest for pleasure is what drives FemTech's progress, and this kind of technological evolution is really welcome as it assists women's sex and bodies in a positive way!

Now, the DUO is made of a matte and smooth silicone that is of high quality at first glance. The texture of the silicone is moisturized and adheres to the skin, so it feels smooth and pleasant when it is applied directly to the skin.

【DUO Feature 1: Touch sensor】
There are a total of five switches in the suction section.
The switch is located on the inside of the gold-trimmed accent (on the lower back of the suction section).
Click the power button to go into standby mode. When you put your clitoris to the suction port, the suction starts with a bang!
You don't have to push the button, just touch the skin and the suction starts automatically and stops automatically when the skin leaves.
You still want to have fun! You want to still have fun, you want to vibrate too hard, you want to enjoy the afterglow of orgasm... or when you want to enjoy the aftermath of an orgasm...
It's very convenient that the vibrations stop with a quick release from the skin. It's easy to concentrate on playing at your own pace, without the hassle of button operation and the worry of wasting charge.
This is also a great feature for couples, so you don't have to turn off the power when you are ready to insert after the sensitivity is high enough with the DUO. You don't have to turn off the power when you want to insert it after you have increased the sensitivity of the DUO.

【DUO Feature 2: Abundant 12-step output】
Now it's time to turn it on!
Press the switch marked with the suction port to increase the suction power. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the suction, press the pair of minus switches.
Similarly, when you press the button marked with the insertion vibe, the vibration of the vibe intensifies. As with the suction button, to reduce the output, press the paired minus button.
There are 12 levels of strength for each of the suction and insertion vibes, the most in the current womanizer series along with premium and inside-out.
If there is this much output width, it is okay from the person who likes delicate vibration to the person who wants strong stimulation at the end! to those who want a strong stimulus at the end, don't worry!

【DUO Feature 3: G-spot is stimulated firmly and softly】
The insertion part has a gentle curve towards the tip, and the tip swells up to give a firm stimulation to the G-spot.
The maximum diameter of the plump part is about 34mm, and it is thick enough to get the feeling of fulfillment that is firmly "in" when you insert it. I'm very happy with this!

However, I think it's a little too thick for first-time vibes and those who like a slimmer size. If you have a second vibe or a thick one is your type, I'd like you to try it.

【DUO Feature 4: Pliable and flexible】
The DUO looks like a home appliance at first glance because of its heavy appearance.
But in fact, the vibe is surprisingly soft and easy to get from the root!
When you spread the insertion part and the suction part with both hands, you can open your legs so that the insertion part is turned over with a bang!
The position of the G-spot really varies from person to person, but with this flexibility, you can fine-tune it and find the place that feels best to you.

G-spot vibe x gentle suction vibe.
It's a dreamy combination of vibes! However, there is one problem here.
The insertion vibrator protrudes from the suction part, so you have to insert it before you can get to the suction part.
It is a little frustrating for those who want to insert the suction first.
However, in such a case, put the insertion part on the clitoris or the feeling part like a rotor to stimulate and prepare it, and then insert it (it will move if you put your finger or hand on the suction part). Then, the unknown double pleasure of penetration and suction awaits...!

It is the final form and the highest quality "[Womanizer] Womanizer Duo" that suction and insertion became one, by all means!

*If you feel any pain or discomfort during use, discontinue use immediately.

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