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Sliquid Splash 8.5oz Grapefruit Thyme
The unpleasant odor of the vagina. Don't give up your discomfort. This is a soap that adjusts the pH balance of the vagina and removes the bacteria that cause odor.


Sliquid Splash 8.5oz Grapefruit Thyme

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●INGREDIENTS:Purified Water, Cocoamphoacetate*, Coco Betaine*, Coco Amide*, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, EGMS, Essential Oil Fragrances, Potassium Sorbate. *Derived from coconut oil.
●Brand: Sliquid
●Mada in USA
●Glycerin and paraben free.
●We didn't do an animal test.
●100% vegan friendly.

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From the popular lotion brand Sliquid in LPC, this is a special soap for vaginas that adjusts the pH balance of the vagina and removes the bacteria that cause the smell.

This product protects your delicate skin while caring for your vagina. If you are concerned about the smell of your vagina, but also want to stick to safe ingredients, you can rest assured with this product.
Don't give up your discomfort because it's your constitution or because of your body odor. Just by changing the usual body soap to this one, you will feel refreshed! It adjusts the pH balance of the vagina and cuts off the smell that bothers you!
It's 100% vegan-friendly, allergy-friendly and made without glycerin or parabens.
The fact that the soap is made without animal testing is another reason for the high level of trust.

Did you know that the pH of the vagina and other skin is actually different?
The skin of the body and face is weakly acidic with a pH of 4.5 to 6.0, while the vagina has a pH of 3.7 to 4.5, making it more acidic than the skin. The delicate zone is a collection of mucous membranes that are thinner than the skin, such as the eyelids. It's a highly acidic zone in the body that inhibits the growth of germs.
But if you use regular body soap, it's too alkaline and a little harsh on your vagina.
Many people wash their delicate skin using body soap, thinking that all soap is the same, but if the environment is not kept in a balanced, acidic state, it becomes easy for bacteria to grow, causing itching and smells.
This is a situation where you can't wash your body with body soap because you are worried about your smell.
In addition, during or before or after your period, or when you're not feeling well, the pH value can easily collapse.

In order to be trouble-free and comfortable, it is important to keep the pH of your delicate zone balanced and acidic at around pH 5.
That's why Sliquid Splash is perfectly balanced to suit your delicate zone, complementing the pH of your vagina and improving your vaginal environment.
It only removes dirt and helps to remove odor-causing bacteria without causing any extra irritation to the delicate zone.

The soap has a refreshing "Grapefruit & Thyme" scent.
It has no lexicality and is refreshing, so even those who don't like to smell too sweet or too strong may like it.
No artificial fragrances are used, but essential oils, coconut and sea salt are used.

Because of the difference in the ingredients of the vaginal soap and the body soap, there are many things that do not foam well, but this one, when I whip it with the palm of my hand, it foams firmly and properly.
It's made specifically for the delicate vagina, so it won't be prickly and painful, which is often the case when you wash it.
It's also refreshing to wash off, but it also leaves the necessary moisture behind.

Don't give up the idea that the vagina is uncomfortable.
This is the daily vagina care item that we would like to deliver a refreshing and refreshing feeling to you.
One bottle is a generous 255ml, so it will last 2 to 3 months even if you use it daily.

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