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VeDO LUV plus
The design and size of the LUV is cute and minimal, but the rechargeable version is here! Kiss your clitoris and G-spot with this mini vibe. It is a mini vibe that feels good with its lip-like shape.


VeDO LUV plus

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●powerful motor
●10 vibration modes
●one button easy control™
●extremely quiet
●velvety smooth silicone
●designed for clitoral pleasures
●1xAAA (not included)
●running time 2hours

販売価格:¥7,590 (tax included)
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A "low price" product that has recently become a hot topic in the Love Peace Club.Love Peace Club's toys are carefully selected because they are safe for the body, have good materials, and are well designed.We collect really good toys that do not compromise on quality or design at all, even if the price is low.If you're looking for a fast vibe or just want to try a variety of Toy, I especially recommend it.

Among such low-cost toys, the most talked-about brand now is "VeDO".
As soon as it appeared, it quickly became a staple and popular brand of the Love Peace Club.
"LUV" is the most popular model in "VeDO "line, and I would like to introduce "LUV plus", an upgraded version of "LUV"!

"VeDO"is a popular toy shop in the U.S. among 20-somethings, and it's cute and minimal in design, size, price, and everything in between!
And yet, it has solid performance and high quality silicon. There is no compromise on quality.
In fact, what we're looking for is not a lot of spinning pearls or super big vibes, but something like this."VeDO" is a brand that gives us what we want.

"LUV plus" is a rechargeable version of " LUV" with more powerful vibrations.
Kiss the clitoris or the G-spot!This is a vibrator with a characteristic tip that looks like a beetle.
You want to feel more on your clitoris, experience oral sex with a vibrator, and stimulate your G-spot!It is recommended for such people.
The lips are plump, thick, and just the right size...they look so pleasant that you can't help but notice them.
Try to apply the lotion around an area like your lips.It shines like a gloss, it's very erotic... and it raises your expectations.
First of all, I slide it around my vagina like I'm stroking it... It's a strange feeling like I'm receiving a storm of kisses.
When your clitoris becomes sensitive from caressing around it, gently aim it at it.
It's like being sucked while being kissed on the plump lips... It's a feeling that can't be felt with other vibrators, even with people's lips.
Do you often feel that the rotor slips and doesn't hit the vital part of the body while using lotion?

With "LUV plus", you don't have to worry about that. If pressed, the lips capture the sensitive part like a sucker and do not let go, and vibe powerfully to wrap it.
Of course, these lips feel good not only on the clitoris, but also on the G-spot!
If you use it like a squeak, it feels like the G-spot is being sucked on your lips... you can't leave the place where it feels good.
The chunky silicone is smooth and comfortable, and the tip can be bent with your fingers to fit where you want it to go.

" LUV plus "is shorter in length than "LUV", but the length of the insertion part is almost the same, since it is now rechargeable and there is no longer a pocket for the battery.What has changed is the girth of it. The overall diameter is about 5mm larger, so it gives the impression of being about one round thicker.The overall length has been shortened, giving "LUV" a slightly stockier impression compared to "LUV".

And the vibrations are even more powerful! The pattern of the vibe remains the same with 10 different types, but the vibrations are now more powerful.
It's a detailed story, but this pattern is very important.Everyone has their own favorite vibrational rhythm.
"VeDO" is very good at that.From repeated strong vibes to undulating strong and weak vibes・・・.
I'm sure you can find my favorite pattern here.

Cute and minimal, with a revolutionary design and comfort that has never been seen before.
It is recommended for those who are a clitoralist or looking for a first time toy!
If you can use a rechargeable battery that can be used repeatedly, you don't have to worry about batteries, and it's good to be able to use it easily at any time.

*When charging, please remove the silver cover of the bottom and insert the plug.
*The silver-colored part at the bottom is the switch. Press until you hear a firm click. Press slightly harder at first.
*The vibration change is also activated by pushing until you hear a click in the same way.
*To stop the vibration, press and hold the switch for about 3 seconds.

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